Proud Supporters of Kids Under Cover

Springvale Homemaker Centre is a proud supporter of Kids Under Cover. 

Kids Under Cover is a not-for-profit organisation that prevents youth homelessness by building homes and providing scholarships and mentors for homeless and at-risk young people.

Their goal is to keep young people connected to home, to education and with their community.  Ultimately, they seek to prevent youth homelessness and give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Over a number of years now, Springvale Homemaker Centre has rallied its retailers to donate some exciting products at a No-Reserve Charity Auction as part of the centre's 4-Day VIP Event.  Many customers have enjoyed the theatre of this auction and the opportunity to snap up a bargain whilst doing something good for a worthwhile charity.  As of November 2015, the centre has raised close to $20,000 for Kids Under Cover which means valuable assistance for a young person at risk of homelessness.

Proud Supporters of Rowville Football Club

Springvale Homemaker Centre is also a proud supporter of the Rowville Football Club. 

The Rowville Football Club has been an integral part of the local community for the past 49 years.

As the Rowville area has grown to a residential and business hub, the Rowville Football Club has been the centre of the community, providing the opportunity for local citizens to be involved in their community, their club. Australian culture is built on a fair go€ and €œhelping your mates€ and sporting clubs have played a vital role in the development of that culture over many years.

Being involved in local football clubs - whether as players; administrators; volunteers or supporters - creates opportunities for people to develop life skills, knowledge and experience, whilst enabling these elements to be put to further use.

Such involvement also offers camaraderie and a sense of belonging; shared commitment to achieving common goals; cultural awareness, understanding and acceptance; physical activity; plus development of social skills and integration.

Football clubs transcend barriers of age, gender, disability, ethnicity and promote teamwork; respect for common property and resources; physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle; positive attitudes; discipline; responsibility and accountability.